If you are headed to the beach today or this weekend you are starting to go at a good time as the waters around Michigan are heating up.

If you are going along Lake Michigan, the warmest water at any beach, as of August 1st, is at Ludington where 74 degree water temperatures are reported today. Northern Lake Michigan beaches have warmer water than some southern Lake Michigan beaches as Traverse City and Clairevoix are reporting 70+ degree water.

If you are headed east you will find warmer beaches, obviously the further south you go. Beaches on Lake Erie are reporting the highest temperatures in the state as Estral Beach is reporting 77 degrees. Most of the Thumb beaches and beaches along Saginaw are a bit cooler as they are mostly in the low 70s, with Cheboygan having 68 degree water.

The beaches along the Lower Peninsula will mostly likely all hit 70+ degrees by September and beach temperatures change day to day. To see more about weather along the beaches, MLive has more here.

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