Sparty was liked by most, I say most cause he won a majority of the vote, as he was voted best mascot at the Big Ten Player Survey taken this week.

The Big Ten Player Survey is done by taking one player from each team and they vote on a variety of categories but they were not allowed to vote for their own team in any of the categories.

In a big question "Which Coach you’d like to Play for”.Jim Harbaugh and Kirk Ferentz from Iowa tied with Mark Dantonio, each getting 3 votes. But the most lopsided victory was for “Best Mascot" as it wasn’t even close – Sparty won in a landslide: 10 to 1. In an interesting question, "Do you want to increase the Playoff in College Football" 6 said "Yes" and 8 said "No", increasing the playoff would most likely help another Big Ten team to get a shot at the National Title.


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