The name of the app is Sarahah and its one of the most downloaded apps this summer, but it also can bring some unwanted criticism.

The anonymous-commentary app launched in February; if it is translated it means “honesty” in Arabic. And this app sort of does that as it allows users to submit honest comments, questions, and critiques to their peers. These comments are honest cause the person is anonymous, even though the way to comment on someone's profile is through your friends network.

Sarahah is also kinda associated with Snapchat as you link both, you’re given a custom link you can give to people who want to send you comments. So a teen will embed their Sarahah link into a snap in their Snap Story or where friends, or anybody if their account is public, can click it and anonymously comment.

This is obviously drawing some criticism as the app can be another form of cyber-bullying. Most teens that have reviewed or used the app have said, "They either get really nice messages or really mean ones" so you can see how more issues may arise from this app. You can read more about the App, HERE, and also see more from teens about the app.

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