Here's the one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has done for sure. I has changed everybody's life. Some people may be thinking, "Well it hasn't changed mine".

I would respectfully beg to differ with that opinion. Simply because even if you are trying to live your life as you had been living it before the Coronavirus, the fact that the restrictions that have been placed on our lives just out of being cautious has changed the way we approach our everyday living.

Certainly one of the big changes has been in the way we educate our students. Parents are doing it, their teachers and professors who are now virtual educators are doing it. I imagine it's happening in a lot of different ways, and my heart goes out the educators (whomever they may be) and the students whose lives have taken a marked turn and who have had to adapt to a new world that while it's somewhat familiar at home, it's certainly a change in the educational landscape from what has been a part of their lives and has taken some getting used to...hopefully students are getting used to it and will be successful.

So with all of this change in educating our students, there has also been changes in the benchmark events in their lives that is a part of being a student. Like graduation. A huge event. A lot of graduations are going virtual, and according to News 10 that includes the upcoming commencement at Lansing Community College. The LCC commencement will take place Friday, May 15 at 5:30 p.m.

Get more information here from the News 10 website about LCC's virtual commencement and how you can attend.

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