When we talk about noteworthy celebrities from Michigan, we never forget Tim Allen and turns out, he doesn't forget about us either!

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Tim Allen and Michigan

Of course, many of us know Tim Allen's roots here in the Mitten so we will try to keep this brief and maybe you might learn something you didn't know before!

Allen, according to the Detroit Historical Society, moved to Birmingham, Michigan when he was 11 years old where from there he went on to attend both Western Michigan University and graduate from Central Michigan University.

He started developing his career in Detroit after some trouble with the law and, of course, worked his way up to the star we know today.

Throughout his on-screen work in shows like "Home Improvement" and "Last Man Standing" we see him donning sweatshirts and other clothing representing Michigan colleges and sports teams!

Many people who may not even realize it know his voice from the "Pure Michigan" commercials.

All of this combined makes him what we can only assume to be one of the best people for any Michigan college/university have speaking at a college graduation.

Hillsdale College Class of 2021 Graduation

Of course since the COVID-19 pandemic started, students and graduations at every level have definitely been given the short end of the stick which is exactly why having someone like Tim Allen speaking makes it all worth it!

According to MLive, Hillsdale College's 169th commencement took place on Saturday, May 8th where Allen's speech was his own signature mix of anecdotes, laughter and motivation.

The ceremony actually did take place indoors and Hillsdale Daily News reports 353 undergraduate students, 15 masters degrees and one graduate from the class of 2020 all were honored.

The Speech

He uses a boating analogy, as one from the Great Lakes state would do, saying he was once without goals or "rudderless" as he shares his experiences with the graduates.

"The greatest boat of all time has no direction without a rudder," MLive reports Allen said. "It’s a very simple thing. The only thing you control in a sailboat is the attitude of the sail, and that comes back to me. I had no direction. I applaud all of you."

Of course, he also had to throw in some inspiration from one of his most iconic characters, Buzz Lightyear, "One of my best friends in the world will say as I leave here, you guys are headed ‘to infinity…and beyond!’"

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