Unfortunately the end of the school year looked different for many seniors in the Lansing area. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they missed out on things like prom and walking across the stage at their graduation.

Students at Holt High School and East Lansing High School will be able to go to prom this May. Holt's prom will be on May 22 and East Lansing's is on May 28.

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According to FOX 47, both proms will be held outside on the football field. Andrew Wells, East Lansing High School principal says students interested in attending their prom will be required to follow COVID-19 guidelines as well as take antigen tests prior to the dance.

Students who participate should or will be required to have at least three antigen tests. Also, students will be required to take an additional antigen test the week of May 23 or on May 24. And then the day of so on May 28.

Both of the high schools are working out the details but hope to make the event special for their graduating class.

I'm happy that these high schools are trying to make these students senior year somewhat normal. I felt awful for my cousin last year because she had to miss out on things like prom and graduation.

I know some people aren't into the whole prom thing, but I loved mine. It was like one last hoorah with my friends before we went off into the real world. So, I'm glad some will get to experience it, even if it is a bit different.

Enjoy this old picture of my senior prom. I could barely move in that dress.


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