Whether or not masks will be returning in Michigan, is a question for a higher power. So, don't go tossing those masks just yet. However, according to our Michigan coronavirus statics, we don't fall in the revised mask mandate here in Michigan.

If you missed it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, revised their guidelines for mask wearing. Those in higher risk areas for COVID-19, are once again being asked to mask up in indoor spaces once again. That new guideline applies to those who have even been vaccinated.

According to data, 63% of the counties in the U.S. do fall into this category for vaccinated individuals to return to wearing masks. States like Florida, are considered high risk at this time, in fact, the entire state is considered high risk and would be urged to follow this new guideline.

However, we in Mid-Michigan, and Michigan as a whole, don't have that high of a risk factor for COVID-19 as it sits currently. There are only a few counties in which cases are higher like Alpena, Iron, Mason, Hillsdale, Gogebic, Van Buren and Cass. Only two Michigan counties are considered high risk, and those are Branch and Dickinson.

The state itself, is in the moderate category when it comes to the virus. However, those numbers have been on the rise the past few weeks.

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As of Tuesday July 27th, there are no current revised mask guidlines for the state of Michigan. Most of those mandates were lifted earlier back in June. At this time as well, we have no restrictions on capacity either.

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