If you live in Michigan it may be a good word to the wise that we steer clear of turkeys for now. I don’t know if it’s the years of being put on sandwiches for the blatant disrespect they feel we’ve shown them every last Thursday of November but it is very clear that turkeys in Michigan are just sick of our s***. In the last few weeks we've seen and heard stories of violent acts coming from turkeys to members of different communities.

Vicious gangs of turkeys are now being said to roam the streets of Charlevoix. This once quite, peaceful and beautiful resort city in the heart of Michigan's up north beauty, is now filled with the hardest turkeys on the streets terrorizing citizens, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Freep reports that because of the boom in turkey population over the last few years, altercations on the street are starting to rise, and it's suggested you make a loud squawking noise if you find yourself in a showdown.
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It’s not just in cute little cities like Charlevoix either, recently turkeys have been acting up in other areas like in Riverview where a Tik Tok video went viral after turkeys were seen assaulting a police officer. I’m wondering if the good people at Cornwell‘s Turkeyville are at all concerned about the recent uprising, or if they've been met with resistance and pushback from the turkey community. Let’s just hope these southwest Michigan turkeys stay in line.

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