It's definitely a good year for Michigan hunters to nab some good turkeys!

How do I know this despite not being a hunter myself and not knowing anything about it?

Well, I've seen the sheer amount of turkeys in the backyard of our new home in Jackson and I can only assume this is not the only massive gaggle (is that what a group of turkeys is called?) gobbling about.

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The Turkeys in Our Jackson Backyard

Yes, dedicated hunters, I did call them a "gaggle" for comedic effect. I know (now) that a group of turkeys is actually called a "rafter" or a "flock", as confirmed by The Spruce.

Let me break it down for you, though, we basically have a dang nature preserve going on in our backyard and it's pretty cool. We're emotionally attached, especially, to the regular deer who show up every night.

Well, we also have this "rafter" of turkeys and I'm realizing they are just such confusing creatures...and ugly too...and dumb.

Get this, one day I was sitting in the kitchen, enjoying my morning coffee, when I hear loud banging coming from the basement. I go down there ready to fight for my life only to find it's a dumb turkey banging its head on our glass door, pecking at its own reflection.

Maitlynn Mossolle
Maitlynn Mossolle

Can any of you tell me WHY this turkey was doing this?

We see them EVERYWHERE in our yard. Another recent hot day, they were laying down in a pile of dirt and just flopping around. What's that about?

I have so many questions about turkeys and I'm looking to you, hunters, for answers.

Just the other day, my boyfriend sends me this picture in which FIFTEEN turkeys can be seen just roaming around.

Jordan Bailey
Jordan Bailey

Michigan Turkey Hunting Season

I come to you humbly, hunters, knowing full well these turkeys aren't really much of a bother to me, personally, but just wondering what our options are here?

I'm assuming most of you are thinking "just shoot 'em" and for a while, we thought that would be a great idea but it has to be turkey season and are we allowed to just blast away from our back deck?

According to the Michigan DNR, turkey season kicked off on September 15th and goes until November 14th.

Everyone who sees these turkeys in our yards usually makes one of two comments:

  1. "So...can we come hunt in your yard?"
  2. "Looks like Thanksgiving's at your place!"

Hunters, We Need Answers

Is our home sitting on a goldmine of turkeys here or am I really over-hyping the amount of turkeys here?

Am I making myself look like a real city-slicking yuppie who's just now truly experiencing rural living and this is actually super common?

Like I said, they're not a bother here, more-so just an indication to me that this is about to be a great year for turkey hunting, if you find the right spot!

No, this is not an open invitation to come to my house. I appreciate you and all...but that's a little weird.

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