What started as a cute Twitter post has sparked a debate that pediatricians are even weighing in on. And they say it's fine. Better than ok. We're talking about dad's comfort nursing their kids. Dry breastfeeding so to speak. How'd this start?

Well...take a look at this twitter post.

Photo: Video via https://twitter.com/SlimeBallDuke_
Photo: Video via https://twitter.com/SlimeBallDuke_

The dad, whose name is Chris Brown, is seen holding his four-month-old daughter Leilani in an eight second clip and the baby was sucking on his nipples, looking for milk. He captioned the video, “Baby girl was OBVIOUSLY confused ????????.”

Responses came hard and fast via Twitter. Some called it weird. Some said it was sweet. Some even said it bordered on "child abuse"?

We talked about it Monday morning on Mornings @ Large and here's what you had to say.

Breastfeeding is mom's job & keep you nipple out of my kids mouth (lol).

This mom thought it was sweet and it's a bonding moment.

This mother of 3 didn't really understand it at all. And if she's not available, that's what pacifiers are for.

And this story just went totally left field. If you think dad comfort feeding is weird. Wait until you hear about a mom finding out her mother in law was dry breastfeeding her grand kid to "get closer". THIS IS WEIRD.



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