So we are about 6 weeks from Halloween so I'm starting by asking you what superstition do you still believe in or do? There are hundreds of different superstitions like throwing salt over your shoulder, saying "Bless You" after a sneeze, and not picking up coins that are tails up, but which do you believe in and do on daily basis. Some of these superstitions you might do on a daily basis and don't even know. So just think for a bit about all of the weird things that you do on a daily basis and, ask is there a reason why I do this?

Also if you like to know Superstition is defined, by Wikipedia, as any belief or practice that is considered irrational: for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown. So basically we are doing things for really no meaning but we think it has a meaning so.....

Check some of the superstitions that people do below and Comment on our Facebook, here, if you also have a superstition that you do too.




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