The Michigan winter can be tough, but while you are stuck inside, it gives you the opportunity to take up some new hobbies to pass the time. We've got three suggestions for things that will get you through the rough winter and also help you to learn something too.

First, a great hobby to pick up any time, but especially in the winter is learning how to draw, paint, make pottery, or any other kind of art. If you are a good artist already, you can branch out and learn another form of art. If you don't have much of an artistic background, you can learn any form of art that sounds interesting to you. Art is something you can do anywhere, and you can also get your inspiration from the winter too. Plus, expanding your artistic knowledge can be helpful for your brain as well as your health when you are trapped inside.

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Second, learn a language during the winter months. Why not spend all winter learning a new language, then try out your new skills on your spring or summer vacation? This hobby will keep your mind stimulated and, if you keep it up, give your resume a major boost.


Third, cooking is a skill that will not only make you happy but friends, family, and significant others as well. In addition, the holidays might be the perfect excuse for you to learn new dishes or become more comfortable in the kitchen. Cooking is a great pastime that might cost a bit upfront to stock your kitchen but can lead to better costs per serving on your meals than dining out. So not only will you be able to show off your cooking to people you love, but you can also save money too.

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