This is called a paint pour and it makes Michigan look amazing. The art is the work of Farra's Fluid Art & Paint Pouring.

According to CraftWarehouse, pour painting is growing in popularity

and coincides with the trend in marbling and geodes. The cool thing about abstract art being on trend is that it’s easy to do it yourself and you can’t really mess it up.

Pour Painting is easy to do. You literally just pour the mixture of paint and the pouring medium on your canvas. It is, however, messy. So make sure you have plenty of covering and a pan or container to do it in.

It certainly impressed the /r/Michigan subreddit

This is great. It almost looks like you were able to pull off a Petoskey stone finish.

Beautiful. Loved that you used this blue color

The piece above was commissioned, and if you like what you see, check out the Facebook page of the artist, Farra's Fluid Art & Paint Pouring.

And you want to see exactly how to accomplish a paint pour, check out this tutorial and maybe you'll get inspired to Bob Ross a happy little peninsula for yourself.

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