The City of Jackson recently announced they would be looking for designs to update the city's official seal and have one that better aligns with the city's values. Now, it is time for the public to weigh in on the design concepts at an upcoming meeting!

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Why The Change to Jackson's City Seal

In case you missed it, back in July, the city decided they wanted a seal for official documents and displays on city facilities that better represented the diversity found in Jackson.

The original seal is one that features an image of controversial president Andrew Jackson, the city's namesake. Conversations of the change were sparked by continuing conversations around race, diversity and inclusion were brought to the forefront in 2020.

CLICK HERE for the full story on the decision to make the change.

So, the City of Jackson teamed up with the Jackson Public Arts Commission (JPAC) to start accepting proposals for a redesign until July 15th.

The Next Steps in the Process

According to MLive, after JPAC reviewed the proposals from designers and graphic design firms, Chicago's Weblinx was chosen to be the firm to facilitate the new seal.

When it comes to putting it together, MLive reminds us the design is pretty much fair game other than the specifications that it must be circular, include "City of Jackson", note when the city was founded in 1829 and make no reference to Andrew Jackson.

Aside from that, now the public is able to weigh in on design concepts for Weblinx to work with further and bring to life!


Jackson Public Arts Committee Meeting

According to MLive, JPAC will be hosting a meeting on Tuesday, August 17th at 5:30 p.m.

Hosted on the 10th floor conference room of Jackson's City Hall, that is where design ideas will be discussed. If you want to chime in, MLive says ideas and comments for the meeting can be emailed to or dropped off in a drop box in front of City Hall.

From there, Weblinx will put together their design that JPAC chairwoman, Angela Edward said in a statement that city council should be considering the new design at an upcoming meeting in September.


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