Seconds count, and Mr. Barter and Mrs. Venne's quick thinking and actions saved this young man's life.

Mr. Barter is an English teacher and Mrs. Venne is the special education paraprofessional at Owosso High School. One of their students, 18-year-old Dakota Vincent, had left the classroom for a short period of time on November 19th and came back walking strangely. Barter asked what was wrong and Dakota couldn't answer, and that's when he told Mrs. Venne to go get help.

Within three minutes, an ambulance was at the school to take Dakota to a local hospital, where the staff informed him and his parents that he was having a stroke. He's still having a hard time speaking but says that he's happy to be alive.

The teachers and the paramedics received a Citizens Award for Outstanding Services Rendered. Dakota was home in time for Thanksgiving and his classmates raised money for his medical bills.

Big props to EVERYBODY for quick thinking, medical care and charity!

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