Owosso residents are sad to hear that their favorite restaurant will not be returning after it was destroyed in a fire back in 2021.
Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse and Lily Pearl’s Lounge caught fire and were destroyed back in December of last year. Residents in the community were hoping they would rebuild and reopen at some point, but it's looking like that just isn't in the cards for owner John Beilfuss.
The first hit they took was when they had to close during the pandemic, then Beilfuss was injured after a scale fell on his head. According to MLive, that injury kept him in the hospital for good a month. Once the fire ripped through the building in 2021, he felt that was the final dagger.
I would have to imagine that after having to endure all of that, you would just feel defeated.
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Owner John Beilfuss:
Well folks for Lula's that's a wrap. I appreciate all the very kind words and hopes that we would re-open. Our customers have been so very kind and our beloved employees made it all happen for the 9 years we were open! We are forever grateful! For me I don't know what my next gig is, but you all will be the first to know!
Today I'm writing the Lula's Louisiana Cookhouse Cookbook that I hope to have published by summer.
Beilfuss says they're also building a studio/kitchen for their YouTube cooking channel.
Lula’s Louisiana Kitchen opened in 2013 and then in 2017 they opened the adjacent building and bar as Lily Pearl’s Lounge. It really is a major loss to the community.

Does Anyone Know What This Abandoned Building Out Of Owosso Was?

Does anyone know what these buildings were originally? They were allegedly in Owosso at one point, but have been rumored to have been torn down since this video was taken. Does anyone know what this originally was?

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