A search of Google Trends has exposed our spelling flaws as a state, as if we didn't already know.

Regardless of what you think or feel about the coronavirus, here's a sad fact: we, as a state, don't know how to spell it.

How sad is that? All this political infighting on Facebook, yelling at each other, and not concentrating on one of the concrete fundamentals of life: spelling.

Good spelling was literally beat into me as a kid. The nuns would tell me, "you won't amount to much if you can't spell correctly." As it turns out, that was just a big lie, as no one knows how to spell anymore, and no one cares about getting it right.

And if you try to correct people, you're compared to the worst people on Earth, a Nazi, as in 'Grammar Nazi', as if the Nazis had spelling bees to see who stays out of Buchenwald. Here's an historical fact: they didn't, so stop it!

AT&T did a search of Google Trends and pointed out the one word each state had the hardest time spelling during the pandemic.

Michigander's couldn't spell "coronavirus" correctly. The most common misspelling was "caronavirus".

At least we weren't like Indiana, who misspelled 'quarantine' as 'corn teen'. Good Lord. Sister John Margaret is spinning in her grave somewhere, still clutching the ruler she rapped me with every time I misspelled, 'seperate'.

The weird thing about all of this is it comes in an age where spell check is common on most computers. So, not only are we spelling wrong, but we are looking at the corrected version provided and saying, 'Nope. My way is better.'

The movie 'Idiocracy", once considered farcical, is coming more true by the day. Or is it tru?


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