So many different ways to travel these days, driving our own car, Uber, taxis, and taking a train is even a fun way to mix it up. I would have been lost as a kid without the bus. My mom and dad did not drive, so when I wanted to go to the movies or head to a pinball arcade that was my transportation and I enjoyed it.  Plus there was a transfer where you could get to ride all day for one price.

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Living in Downtown Lansing I see many folks jumping on a bus to get where they are going. Check this out there is a new bus route coming soon by CATA, Many say it is going to be a game-changer for Lansing folks needing to get to MSU’s campus and the new McLaren Greater Lansing hospital.

Check Out The New Route

Here is the deal, starting Aug. 30th, the Lansing transit system will be kicking off a new route. It will be the Capital City Crosstown taking you from the city’s east side to the west side using Mt Hope Avenue.

I know first-hand how important it is to get on a bus and go to where I live work and play. You only get on a bus for two reasons, to spend money or make money,” said Dusty Fancher, vice president of CATA's Board of Directors


How Often Will This Route Run

Here is what you need to know, Buses will run every 30 minutes and make 23 stops along the way. The new service will cost about $500,000 annually to keep the service going.

About 60,000 people are going to take advantage of the new route in just the first year. For schedules for all CATA buses and the new one starting on August 30th, check out

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