Hard to believe summer will be ending soon. It won't be long before all the fall colors come out and the cooler weather hits Michigan. Now that the kids are getting back to normal and excited to get back to school, parents and students will have to adapt to many changes.

It will still be a while until we get back to normal, but at least kids will not have to be stuck learning from home this year. Time for them to see their favorite teachers and spend time with all their friends they missed at school.

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Free Gas Cards To Families

Students in the Lansing School District will be ready to hop on the bus and back to the classroom at the end of the month. So, check this out, according to fox47news.com starting Aug. 30, the first day of school, they are awarding gas cards to any family eligible for transportation and they decide to drive their kids to school instead.

How cool is that? Just another way to try and keep our kids safe.

Many families even with all of our cleaning protocols, even with masks, even with buses with open windows, some parents were still a little hesitant to send their children on the bus," said Superintendent Benjamin Shuldiner. "This is a wonderful option for them to choose if they want to


How To Get Your Gas Cards

Here is how it works, the gas cards are $25 per month per child for the whole school year and can be used at any station in your area. Mom's and dads will get one card per child,

Once you get the card, your kids will be taken off the list to ride the bus and not get the free CATA bus pass.

For more info and to sign up go to lansingschools.com.

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