There has been a lot of finger pointing now that the vaccine is here.

Not enough is being done to get more folks vaccinated. There were supposed to be "this many" folks vaccinated by "this date" and so on.

Where are the vaccines and what's the hold up?

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I even went online and looked up some numbers from U of M Health.

As of end of day, Monday, January 5

Total COVID-19 Vaccinations at Michigan Medicine: 12,805

And according to the Covid-19 Dashboard, as of 01/05/2021 there have been 665,850 total vaccines distributed in the state.

Ok. Not as bad as I thought. I also found out that I am in Phase 2 to get my vaccination. At present, we are in Phase 1a and will start 1b on Monday, January 11th. What those phases are and who is in what group is HERE.

I can wait my turn. I am patient. I am practicing my Covid protocols.

What grabbed my attention (when I was looking at this info) was a photo of someone who got the first dose of the vaccine and them holding up their Covid-19 Vaccination Card.

This is our official document showing that you received what dose and when? And it looks no better than this?

Pencil and report card
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And we don't even have a consistent design because the WHO has one that comes in YELLOW?

Someone on Twitter asked the same question I was thinking.

Because one of my biggest concerns is folks lying about taking the vaccine, providing some fake card with fake information, and saying they don't have to wear a mask or do anything else because they have been vaccinated.

I Googled Covid-19 vaccination card and look what I found.

Photo via
Photo via

Come on man. We've got to do better than this.

Word is they are working on an electronic Covid-19 Passport for travel and proof of vaccination and THIS looks way more official and HARDER TO FAKE to me.

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