Of course being able to ditch our masks and "return to normal" is pretty priceless but $10 off is good too, right?

Incentives To Get Vaccinated

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is absolutely someone's choice on whether or not they want to; however, there are so many companies offering incentives or "rewards" for getting vaccinated, it really sweetens the deal.

For example, Krispy Kreme was giving away a free donut to each person that showed their vaccination card. Then, the state of Michigan announced they were granting state employees an extra day of sick leave to get vaccinated.

Also, per announcements from the CDC, vaccinations means you can go mask-less in public...Stores like Meijer are even coming out saying their mask policies have been lifted.

Now, MLive reports Meijer is offering a $10 off a purchase of $50 or more for those who have been vaccinated.

How To Get Your Coupon

According to MLive, Meijer announced in a news release that not only do customers who are vaccinated at a Meijer vaccine clinic get the coupon but anyone who has been vaccinated at any provider can get in on the deal too!

If you do get vaccinated at Meijer, you will receive your $10 discount coupon upon receiving your final dose of the shot.

Now, if you have already gotten your second dose at Meijer and are like me thinking "gosh, where was this when I got mine!?" don't fret, they've got that figured out too.

Meijer did say, as reported by MLive shoppers who have already finished the vaccination process at Meijer or anywhere else, the discount coupons can be obtained by bringing vaccination cards to any Meijer pharmacy.

Not A "Bribe" Just A Perk

While we have been consistently seeing the "bribery" argument, when it comes to matters of public health, even if it was bribery I'd say it's acceptable.

Nonetheless, we are seeing the benefits of more and more people getting vaccinated and companies and employers offering these kinds of incentives are more of a celebration that this pandemic is hopefully on its way to being over.

It's a celebration that people are able to step up and do what they can to kick COVID out.

Think of it as an upgraded version of that sticker you used to get when you were good at the doctor.

Also, it's free stuff...who doesn't love that!?

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