How are your paintballing skills? You might want to get to practicing because a new paintball park is coming to Jackson County soon!

Night Ops Paintball Park

Former paintballer and local businessman, Greg Schultz purchased the vacant Cooperstown Softball complex in Jackson, Michigan and is turning it into a paintball park!

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Night Ops Paintball Park is currently under renovations but according to Schultz Facebook page, it will be open for play and special events soon! The park will be open Saturday and Sunday during the day for play and Friday and Saturday nights. It will feature three fields with lighting for nighttime activity.

Schultz told MLive, that he used to play when he was in his 30s and loved it.

When I lived in Grand Rapids, I played paintball for a number of years. I loved the sport, the adrenaline rush, just the whole premise.

The building has been vacant for roughly eight years and has required extensive work, but Schultz hopes to open the park by September.

Night Ops Paintball Park will be located at 1445 E. Parnell Rd, Jackson, MI

You can read the full story on MLive's website.

More Paintballing Near You

I'm super excited for this new park to open because I was just discussing paintballing with my family over the weekend after we went and did laser tag.

If you're in the same boat and September feels like it's forever away, there's always T.C. Paintball Lansing! They're located only 15 minutes away from downtown Lansing and feature multiple different playing fields.

They specialize in several events as well such as birthday parties, team building, bachelor parties and more!

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