The Parlour has been under quite a few different names and owners over its storied stay in Jackson. Now, starting July 1st, there will be another era of owners ready to take on its legacy.

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Carrying On Jackson Tradition

In an article from just this week, we talked about The Parlour's history a little bit and what it not only means to me but my family who moved from Jackson to Texas (CLICK HERE).

Not only has The Parlour been located at the same place since 1935 and from there has been under multiple different owners looking to have a piece of Jackson history to call their own but to also make sure it still continues on as a local mainstay.

CLICK HERE for the full history (up to 2012).

Four years ago, current owner, Trace Cooley bought The Parlour and in a Facebook post on Wednesday, June 16th, they shared how much progress had been made since then.

"We've made so much progress over the last 4 years and I never could of done it without all of your help," the post reads. "TOGETHER we brought The Parlour back, 'one scoop at a time', people thought it couldn't be done but we did it and I am forever thankful."

Now Entering, New Owners

That Facebook post was not just a simple appreciation post, however. It was also an announcement from Cooley that The Parlour had been for sale and will now be under new ownership.

"Many of you know I have had it for sale due to health issues, I've shared with you in the past," Cooley shared. "We put things on the back burner for a while & unfortunately new things (healthwise) have come up that have given us no choice but to move forward with selling."

They also shared things are moving along pretty quickly in the process stating they had a buyer as of Thursday, June 10th and the new owners will be taking over on July 1st, 2021.

It really seems like a "passing of the scooper" as Cooley said on The Parlour's post, "Keep coming in and enjoying your favorite scoops and sundaes and get to know John and Ellie, they are wonderful people and will be very successful here!"

What Could Be Changing?

As someone who has grown up visiting The Parlour, I can honestly say I hope they do not change too much.

One thing I did appreciate that I forgot to mention the last time we talked about this iconic Jackson stop was the fact they have added vegan/non-dairy ice cream options to their arsenal of frozen deliciousness!

From there, we don't know quite yet what's changing but we are excited to see what the new owners, John and Ellie do to keep the same feelings of tradition and nostalgia going at The Parlour while still "daring to be great" and try new things.

The Parlour In Jackson - 2021

The Parlour has had a long history in Jackson and still to this day holds a special place in the hearts of people around the country.

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