Michigan has a long list of important events in the state's history.

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But which one do you think is the most important in our state's history?

Michigan's 1st Election

In 1792 Michigan held its first election while still under British occupation and rule under the British Parliament’s Constitutional Act. George Washington was elected President of the United States the same year.


Great Fire of 1805

In 1805 ashes from a smoker’s pipe catch a barn on fire. The blaze quickly spread throughout the small city of Detroit, and nearly everything was destroyed.

close-up of flames from a fire rising

Michigan Becomes A State 

Michigan is admitted to the Union as the 26th state.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The Detroit Racial Riots 

The 1967 Detroit Riot, also known as the 12th Street Riot or Detroit Rebellion, was the bloodiest urban riot in the United States during the summer of 1967. It began during the early morning of early morning hours of Sunday, July 23, after a police raid on an illegal bar

Detroit Riot
Getty Images

The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

In 1975 the Edmund Fitzgerald sat very low in the water, increasing the frequency and amount of water that could flood the deck. The loose hatch covers allowed water spilling onboard to enter the cargo area, causing the ship to sink even lower and take on more and more water.

First Woman Governor of Michigan 

In 2002 Jennifer Granholm became the first female governor of the state of Michigan.

Senate Committee Hears Testimony From Energy Secretary Nominee Jennifer Granholm
Getty Images

These are just a few of the important events in our state's history.

So What Is Michigan's Most Important Event?

The website, 24/7 Wall St, went through and found the most important event in each state's history. Here's how they did it:

24/7 Tempo reviewed state historical information, research sources, and media reports of significant events throughout U.S. history to determine the most important event in the history of each state.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Most Important Event In Michigan History

According to 24/7 Wall St, it was the Model T was built in 1908.

Here's what 24/7 Wall St says about this event:

Early Ford
Getty Images

The Model T built by Henry Ford revolutionized travel in the United States. It was constructed to make car ownership affordable to average American workers. Ford built more than 15 million of the vehicles, also called the “Tin Lizzie,” from 1908 to 1927. Most models were started by a hand crank and reached top speeds of 45 miles an hour. Ford and others decided to build cars in Michigan because of the availability of iron ore and timber, and the rail and water routes made it convenient to ship cars to metropolises such as Chicago and New York City.


What do you think? is this the most important event in Michigan's history?

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