On Thursday, the MHSAA had announced fall sports such as swimming, soccer, diving, and volleyball are still on, according to WILX.

Two Mid-Michigan schools, however, Okemos and Haslett, announced they would be going in another direction.

Okemos announced that they would be moving soccer, volleyball, and swimming into their spring sports season. This announcement came before the MHSAA released their announcement.

Brian Fuller, Athletic Director at Okemos, said that this decision was a better option for the students.

”It allows our kids to pursue some other things this fall. We’ll still allow conditioning activities, but if kids want to get a job, additional courses they want to take, other options they wanted to follow. They would have that opportunity instead of holding on for something that wasn’t going to work for the community.” Fuller said to WILX.

Chris Nugent, an Okemos parent, believes Okemos should have followed the MHSAA’s recommendation.

“That is something I’ve been arguing with at their school board meetings; that they should not be making those decisions ahead of hearing what the MHSAA guidelines are, and they continue to do it.” Nugent said to WILX.

Nugent had a senior playing football this fall at Okemos High School. As announced earlier this week, football will be postponed until the spring.

“There was some relief that there was going to be a season or that there was suppose to be a season,”, Nugent added on.

While we are all for playing fall and spring sports this year. I have a feeling if no vaccine comes along at the end of this year’s never-ending tunnel, we may not see those fall sports played this spring. We are continuing to see an uprise in cases in major league baseball right now. What would make one case on a team not cause the team the entire season?

While I understand everyone’s viewpoints on sports, I think we need to get through the worst of this virus before continuing on.


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