Whether you disagree politically, personal, morally, philosophically, or whatever other kind of thing that ends in "-ally" it's totally okay and here's why.

We've been seeing it all over the place, especially since the election, the trope of "just because we have different opinions doesn't mean we can't be friends."

Normally, I would agree with that statement. However, if your opinions are based in being rude, being hateful or spiteful or just flat-out mean, I know I would just rather us not interact on social media.

Lately I have just been feeling burnt out and feeling frustrated by the things people I have on my social media feeds, I'm really just tired of being disappointed to see people I thought were kind-hearted actually show just how mean-spirited they are on such a public forum.

I get it, if you are passionate about something, you should be shameless about it...however that does not mean others have to stick around for it or they are "bad" people too.

The way I see it, if someone's content on their page is consistently disappointing or something you would just rather not see, what's wrong with quietly making your exit?

The thing is, yes, we can absolutely disagree politically, but there are things that just come down to showing your true colors as a human being. You are free to express yourself however you choose on social media just like people are free to interact with that however they choose.

In the end, you are not a bad person for stepping away from something that maybe you would just rather not know about someone. You can still hang out, still be friends in real life...or completely ignore each other if you happen to see one another at the grocery store like most social media friends do!

It's all your choice. I would recommend not announcing your departure from a "friend's" page because chances are they probably don't care. Just go quietly into the night to your new, peaceful life!

I know I, for one, have been on an unfriending, unfollowing, muting spree lately and I feel significantly better for it.

Like many people, I go to social media for fun conversations, pictures of people's pets, and to just plain have a good time and anyone who throws off my groove get out.

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