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Where's My Stimulus Check & How To Go Look For It
"You still haven't got yours yet? I got mine a while back."
Yup. I've been hearing that for a while now.
Mom and dad got theirs. Most of my friends. It's actually harder to run into someone who hasn't gotten round two of the $600 stimulus payments...
Unpopular Opinion: Olive Sauce Is Just Olives and Mayo
This is just my truth. Don't shoot the messenger.
But if you're an olive burger fan, you're not going to like this.
The first olive burger I can remember having was from Hot & Now and it was YEARS ago.
Don't judge me.
When I think of an olive burger I think burger with sliced…
How You Get On The No-Fly List When Leaving Detroit
Honestly, you couldn't pay me to fly right now. In the middle of a pandemic? And I know the lure of super cheap flights is there but I'm not willing to risk it in the age of Covid-19.
Knowing that and how folks are on high alert and super anxious when flying, I'm definitely going to be…
Saturday Is National Use Your Gift Card Day
I legit found a Bigby gift card in my jacket pocket the other day. I had no idea how long it had been in there and definitely didn't know how  much was on it.
It did make me stop by on my way to work and to my surprise there was about two bucks on there...

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