It's no surprise that Michigan has received a record amount of absentee ballot requests, and now officials are looking for more help counting them.

Michigan officials have reported that there are currently more than 2 million absentee ballot requests out. That blows the normal amount of absentee ballot requests out of the water. That means that there will many more mail in ballots coming in November that need to be counted.

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The state is actively looking for election workers to help count all those ballots. Getting workers to work the election is a normal process, but this year is a little different. This is the earliest that the state has ever started looking for workers. They will continue to look up until the day before the election.

If you have any interest in working the election, you can get more details from the Michigan website here. Check out the recruitment video below if you need some more convincing.

There's no question that the Coronavirus pandemic has lead to the increase of absentee ballot requests. The controversy around mail in ballots all revolve around if it is going to produce reliable results.

There's no convincing evidence to show that absentee voting will cause any sort of problems, but the arguing just won't stop.

The main thing to remember is that actually voting is the key here. No how you do it, make sure your voice is heard.


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