It started off with a simple message - go vote! But, a few missteps have the people in Lansing ready to fistfight Conan O'Brien.

Okay...they probably won't actually fight him. However, they had several issues to take up with the television host. A Facebook post by Lansing Facts, an entertainment website, shared this video of Conan encouraging people to vote along with the caption "*adds “fistfight Conan” to whiteboard under “post-Covid plans”*" which seemed first. Here's the full video...

Let's start with offense number one. Conan pronounces 'Michigander' as MichiGINDER' which is a big no-no. Even I know that. Here are some of the comments. On Team Coco's video Youtube user Skelemvegger wrote:

My soul died every time he said "Michiginder"

Adding to that, user Phillip R commented:

Lol solid research, but could have learned how to pronounce michigander 😂 A for effort tho

Nicole on Facebook commented:

Even my auto correct knows its michigander LOL

Get it together, Conan.


Moving on to offense number two, at least according to Lansing. The explanation of the game Euchre.

Chelsea Rose
Via Team Coco Youtube

To be honest, I had NO idea what Euchre is before this video. After looking it up I learned that it's a card game that's typically not played with a full deck. Hence, the offense.

On Lansing Facts' Facebook post, Paul wrote, one plays euchre with a full deck.

I'm going to give Conan the benefit of the doubt and say that this was an intentional joke.

Look, I know I'm a newcomer to Michigan but after watching the rest of the video I would say that Conan did a pretty good job at representing Michigan. At least, his researchers did a great job. From switching between different sports teams in the form of a hat to referencing coach Jim Harbaugh...Conan pretty much covered it. The only thing missing was pointing out different cities using his hand.


The only reason I can think of that would cause the citizens of Lansing to have beef with this giant ginger man is that...they're feeling a little left out.

Casey commented:

Lansing never gets love like Grand Rapids does

Sorry Lansing. Although, Ebony had a great suggestion on the Lansing Facts Facebook post...

Let’s spam his page with all the awesome lansing things

The biggest surprise, at least to me, is that no one, not a single soul, poked fun at Conan's ending pose. Which was this....

Chelsea Rose
via Team Coco Youtube

Whether or not you find his errors offensive the most important takeaway is this - GO VOTE!

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