There is another massive recall from Ford this time its for a few reasons, but they are recalling over 1 million vehicles. According to WILX, the reason for the massive recall is because Ford is looking to fix rear suspension and transmission control software problems. In addition, Ford says a rear suspension toe link can break if the suspension moves a lot which can limit steering control, so that's another reason for the massive recall.

The total number of recalled Fords are about 1.3 million and the largest part covers over 1.2 million Explorer SUVs from 2011 through 2017. There are no injuries reported but a customer has complained about running into a curb due to the steering issues. You can bring you car back if it is under the recall and dealers will replace the left and right toe links, which keep weight on the tires and fix the steering issue.

There is also another recall from Ford, and this covers a previous recall of F-150 trucks. The recall covers 123,000 2013 F-150 pickups and the fix has to do with transmissions from unintentionally downshifting into first gear. The previous update on software didn't work so they will fix the recall again. More on the recalls here. 


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