If you drive a Ford listen up. The auto-making giant is is recalling more than 700,000 of its vehicles.

The North American recall is due to faulty backup cameras. The recall, according to CNBC, covers most 2020 versions of Ford’s F-Series trucks, as well as the 2020 Explorer, Mustang, Transit, Expedition, Escape, Ranger and Edge. Also included are the Lincoln Nautilus and Corsair.

The recall stems from poor electrical connections are to blame for causing backup cameras to display distorted images or no images at all, Ford said in documents that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

At this time there are no reports of the issue causing any injuries or crashes. The recall is set to start on November 7th. Owners of the recalled vehicles will be able to have the rearview camera replaced at no charge.

The recall comes on the heels of another recall my the mega car company. Just in August the company recalled  431 F-150s in the United States stating the pickups could catch fire because of a battery connection issue. That recall was reserved only for trucks built from June 30-July 1 at the Kansas City Assembly Plant.

Also in August, the company recalled more than 558,610 2015-18 Ford Edges that were built at Oakville Assembly Plant during the times of June 25, 2014, to Dec. 21, 2017. The recall also included 2016-18 Lincoln MKXs built at that same plant from Nov. 11, 2014, to Dec. 21, 2017. That recall stemmed from problems with a brake hose that could rupture and cause a fluid leak, and then could increase the risk of a crash.


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