Maybe kids don't do much of this anymore, but when I was growing up in Chicago,  alleys in the back of our houses is where we spent a lot of our time with friends. There were no parks nearby, so we played baseball and hockey there. I am sure this was true for kids in the Lansing area as well.

Some great memories were made in those alleys, as well as in front of the house.  We all played football in the street as well. Of course, when an occasional car came by we had to cautiously move out of the way, but there was not a lot of traffic on our block.  As kids, you can always make things work.

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So speaking of alleys check this out, the Historical Society of Greater Lansing is joining together with Downtown Lansing to bring back the “Back Alleys” tour according to  I would totally enjoy this.

When Is The next Tour?

The next tour is this Wednesday, September 8th at 7 pm, and you will be able to stroll through 4  different alleyways in Downtown Lansing. One will be behind the buildings on S. Washington square.

There was a bakery here, at one point in time, there was a tailor shop, there was the printing business, there were also a number of clothing stores that came in and out of this block," said Valerie Marvin, Vice President of The Historical Society of Greater Lansing.


I really enjoy simple things to see like this, plus it gives you a chance to see how people lived many years ago. It also gives folks of all ages a way to learn about the history, and structure of that neighborhood. They did things like hanging laundry, having get-togethers, and hung out on fire escapes in Downtown Lansing's alleys.

Here Is How To attend

Interested in attending? Just go to the front of Lansing City Hall on Wednesday at 7 pm and get ready to go back in history for a bit.

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