The Putnam District Library in Nashville, Michigan has quite the haunted history. The numerous deaths in that mansion are believed to be the cause of the paranormal activity that abounds inside. The library was the former mansion of Dr. Charles Putnam and his wife Agnes, built from 1884-1885.

In 1881, a few years before the mansion was built, Mrs. Putnam gave birth to twins but they passed away a day later. They never had any other children.

In 1893, one of the Putnam’s maids, 16-year-old Gertrude Beigh, had an affair with Frank Smith, a Putnam nephew, and became pregnant. Upon finding out about her condition, she went upstairs, shot and killed herself, possibly with Frank’s gun. Some dispute the reason she shot herself, but the fact that she did shoot herself remains.

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In 1918, Dr. Putman discovered he was dying from tuberculosis. Rather than slowly be eaten away, he decided to take his own life. He went out to the carriage house and shot himself.

Nowadays, urban legend says that the spirits of Mr. & Mrs. Putnam and the maid all linger and guard their former home. Weird sounds, feelings and paranormal sightings add to the morbid history of the Putnam District Library. I understand tours are possible – just ask someone when you visit.

If you have some extra time, you can find the graves of all three at Lakeview Cemetery in Nashville. Gertrude’s gravestone can be found to the right of Mr. & Mrs. Putnam, and there is another grave nearby that bears the names ‘Edith & Ethel Putnam’ that could very well be the twin babies that died.

Oh yeah…..and the library was once a funeral home, adding more possibilities of anything supernatural.

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