Yeah, yeah, we've heard about the hauntings on Mackinac Island until we're blue in the face. But what about hauntings on a different Michigan island?

Just a tad south of Mackinac Island is the tiny Round know, the one that was featured in the film “Somewhere In Time”. And just a smidgen south of Round Island is Bois Blanc Island, a 34-square mile island that is said to be an above-average haunted location.

So who haunts it? Some rumors say it's the spirit of John Dillinger, who once had a cabin on the island he used for a hideout (see photos below). But that doesn't make sense, since he didn't die there.

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Out of the handful of paranormal occurrences on the island, the popular consensus is that the activity is perpetrated by the ghosts of two British soldiers. According to the legend, the two soldiers deserted their posts and hid on the island. The British commander put out a bounty on them, and sure enough, they were discovered. The two were captured and killed by Native American bounty hunters.....and since then, on various evenings their apparitions  - still in their British army uniforms - have been seen wandering the island.

Aside from the sightings, bizarre sounds emanate from deep within the woods; sometimes inhuman, other times human-like cries and undecipherable words. People out for walks have experienced disembodied footsteps following them. Strange orbs that glow are seen in in the woods, apparitions of unknown humans, and odd vibes that are identified as some kind of weird energy.

On an island that big, with very little people on it, and miles and miles of forest with no signs of humans, I would venture to say that experiencing something is very likely. Remember, people live there, so be respectful if/when you visit.

I've been to the island many times.....if you're not careful, you can get lost on any of the many dirt roads & trails that take you deep into the thick forests.
You have been warned.

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