Michigan seems to have thousands of haunted locations...a good many of them are centered around bridges.

The Crawford Road Bridge is southeast of Cass City in the Michigan Thumb county of Tuscola with a ghost story to tell.

The tale states that sometime during the 1800s, a young woman was out riding in her horse and buggy down (what is now) Crawford Road. The bridge that she approached had no railings; she got too close to the edge and her wheel went over. The buggy flipped over, fell into the water, and pinned her under. As she laid in water that was two feet deep, she flailed her arms hoping someone would come to her aid. Nobody came by and she eventually drowned.

The legend continues, saying on a foggy night during summer, you can hear faint cries for help coming from the former bridge area. In the dead of night, her hand comes up over the side of the road in an attempt to flag someone down. Some people claim to have seen a woman, dressed in soaking wet 1800s clothing, climb up to the road and walk toward them.

These days, there is no bridge left, just a dirt road that crosses a small creek or drain about 100-200 feet south of Kelly Road and the Cass River. Take a drive down Crawford Road some foggy summer night, park for awhile, and see what happens – if anything.

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