This Doctor's '3 Crazy Things in Plastic Surgery' video might make your skin crawl.

Self-proclaimed "America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon," Dr. Anthony Youn is based out of Detroit and has quite the following on TikTok.  Dr. Youn has 5.2 million followers and 188.9 million video likes at @tonyyoundmd on the popular social media app.  His videos range from facts about plastic surgery to body hacks.  There are even a few motivational videos in the mix.

The video that Dr. Youn uploaded Wednesday has a lot of people scratching their receding hairline.  Warning: you may find the claims to be alarming in the Detroit plastic surgeon's video below.  OK, you've been warned.  Here we go.

3 Crazy Things in Plastic Surgery

#1 Smoking can make your nipples fall off.

#2 Cocaine is used in nose jobs.

#3 Pigskin is sometimes inserted into breasts.

Important note: the three items above can be deceiving out of context.  Get the full context for each item in the video below.

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I fact-checked the 3 crazy claims in the video.  Here's what I found.

#1 It's important to note that all of the articles that I can find on nipples falling off due to smoking over the last 10 years all source Dr. Youn.  It doesn't mean it's not true.  It just means I am currently unable to verify from another source.  Dr. Youn told CNN back in 2011 that smokers are at great risk of losing their nipples after undergoing a breast lift,

The nicotine in cigarettes and the carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke can diminish blood flow to various parts of the body.

#2 Yes, apparently cocaine is used in nose jobs according to many medical publications including PLOS ONE,

Cocaine has been widely used in all forms of nasal surgery, in particular septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and endoscopic sinus surgery.

#3 Is pigskin used in breast augmentation surgery? Yes.  In fact, it seems to be a very helpful tool according to Dr. Steven D Vath,

Basically, it’s re-engineered pig skin that can safely be used to drape around the implant and prevent capsular contraction. By placing it next to the lower portion of the implant, it does not allow the body to form the linear capsular scar that can tighten, lift the implant, and distort the breast.

There you go!  If plastic surgery is in your future you can check out Dr. Youn on TikTok for some fun facts. However, before making any medical decisions please talk to your doctor and do not rely on me or TikTok for medical advice.

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