Clark Griswold is an ICON! The Vacation movies are a thing of beauty. Well at least the original and Christmas Vacation. The others are meh for me. If it's a Saturday afternoon and nothing else is on, I might sit and watch.

But this glorious little list is about all things Christmas Vacation.

There is a complete list of 41 from our friends over at Mental Floss. We wanted to highlight a couple for you here.

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John Hughes (writer) wasn't a fan of sequels. See I told you the only good ones in the series were the original and Christmas vacation.

Though he’s credited as a writer on European Vacation, he said that was only because he had created the characters. I didn't even know about Vegas Vacation until I read about it in the trades! Ever since it came out, people have been coming up to me with disappointed looks on their faces, asking ‘What were you thinking?’ ‘I had nothing to do with it! I swear!' (Mental Floss)

In Christmas Vacation, Rusty is the YOUNGER brother. And is played by Johnny Galecki who goes on to fame in Rosanne and The Big Bang Theory.

Cousin Eddie is Randy Quaid's best know character and is indeed based on a REAL GUY!

In a 1989 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Quaid admitted that he was amazed by the impact the character made. Quaid borrowed many of Cousin Eddie’s mannerisms from a guy he knew growing up in Texas, most notably his tendency toward tongue-clicking. (Mental Floss)

When the SWAT team busts in and tells everyone to freeze, and Ellen puts her hand on Clark's uh...package, totally improvised. 

“I did that spur of the moment and told Chevy, just to see if anyone on set noticed,” D’Angelo told Rolling Stone. “But we did a couple takes and no one mentioned it.” (Mental Floss)

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