On Old 131 in downtown Reed City is a restaurant that is said to be haunted.

Pompeii's Pizza is located in an old building that looks like it could've been an old general store. It could be the old Lonsbury & Crocker general store that began operations in 1871...or maybe it was just built to look that way.
Reed City was platted the following year, 1872.

Former employees have reported some strange goings-on inside and out. The most widely-known instances involve chairs that seem to move away from tables by themselves, shadowy shapes lurking in the alley behind the building, and pinball machines that start playing on their own.

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One Pompeii employee is quoted as saying, “There is a psychic that comes into the restaurant and says that the ghosts talk to her. There have been unexpected things fall off of walls, items get switched around that are unexplainable, and items have flown at employees in the basement.”

One particular ghost has been dubbed “Mr. Reed”, a man who lived next door to the restaurant but was found murdered. His house has since been torn down.

So, if you're in the mood for pizza & poltergeists, head to Pompeii's in Reed City, Osceola County. Ask an employee about the hauntings.

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