Navigating one-way streets in many downtown areas can be tricky. But wouldn't be amusing to encounter a sign instructing you the street is 'One Wayy.' That's what appears to be happening in Monroe, Michigan.

The error sign was spotted on Google Street View and shared on the community-focused Time Capsules of Monroe County, Michigan Facebook group.

And you can yourself go onto Google Maps Street View and see the exact error. It can be seen if you're heading north on Washington Street where it ends at Front Street, which is one way. The sign appears in front of Cravings Sports Cards and Collectables.

The only trouble is, the error is not an incorrectly made sign, but rather a glitch in how the image was rendered by Google. When you move to another frame, you see the One Way sign is correct with just a single y in way.

An eagle-eyed commenter on Facebook caught what happened:

Glitch in the photo when pieced the two photos together

And seeing the slight distortion with the second y, that appears to exactly have been it. two different images captured by the Google Street View car were stitched together.

This fun oddity is from a main street in Monroe with a great downtown. Here are some scenes from the Main Street of America, Route 66.

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