When people bring up urban legends, it’s always fun to listen to all the theories people can cook up. One of my favorite Michigan urban legends is that of Bessie, the Loch Ness-type sea beast that is rumored to live somewhere in Lake Erie. But after a recent photo shared online showed a massive water creature washed up on shore at a Michigan beach off of Lake Erie, I’m starting to become concerned that the urban legend may be true after all.

A ginormous creature was captured deceased on the shore of Sterling State Park Beach in Monroe, Michigan, and although identifying it was pretty simple, anybody with a kind of fear of water won’t be going into Lake Erie anytime soon.

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The Rare & Ancient Lake Sturgeon

It turns out that this creature is actually a Lake Sturgeon, and happens to be one of the oldest species in the Great Lakes. The species is currently threatened due to over-harvesting and a loss of habitat, but they can grow to be at least 8 feet long and up to 300 pounds. One look at this thing and it looks like it was sent straight from hell. But as creepy as this thing looks, there are people out there making an effort to maintain the species:

Just saw a documentary on this about the Great Lakes.... there's a way to cut one of the bones and just like a tree it tells you how old they are some of them are still alive 100 years old.....there's a place in Wisconsin where they're trying to save them from becoming extinct

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