Thanks to watching Lifetime while I was growing up, I've sometimes fantasized about owning a Bed and Breakfast in the countryside where, eventually, that long-lost friend who now works in the city comes to visit and we fall madly in love. Too on the nose?

If you've ever dreamed of owning your very own B&B and have a quick two to three million dollars to spend, check this out.

This huge B&B in Monroe, Michigan, at 14341 & 14 S Dixie Hwy, has been sitting on the market for about 300 days. It features 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms divided between two homes. The property also features:

  • 2 Garages
  • A Pool
  • 4 Half Bathrooms
  • Heated Workshop

And more. The home was built in 1923, which is reflected in the interior design. That's not a bad thing. These rooms are gorgeous, unique, and feature craftsmanship that's not usually seen in current times. Take a look:

Dream of Owning a B&B? This One in Monroe is Just over $2 Million

A gigantic, 10-bedroom Bed and Breakfast in Monroe has sat on the market for nearly a year and could be yours for a quick $2,150,000.

That dungeon bedroom, though!

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If you can afford it and want to make your dream of owning a B&B come true, you can contact the listing agent, Emanuel Evola at The Danberry Company-Temperance, at 734-847-6702.

You can also see the full listing on Zillow.

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