Living in the Lansing area is just getting better and better.  I have been here a year and just in that amount of time I have seen some very cool things happening to make our great city better.  Plenty of upgrades,  new buildings, and stores have been making Downtown Lansing an even better place to live.

I have been passing along stories about old malls like Logan Square in Lansing getting new life.  Also, old structures like the Lake Trust Credit Building being turned into a new apartment building with retail stores.

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Check Out This Cool Upgrade

Well here is another cool upgrade making our city better.  Lansing’s smallest park got some huge upgrades. let's say thank you to the city renovation project according to

This is awesome, the kids, families, and everyone in the neighborhood are gonna love this. Nearly $100,000 in additions and upgrades have been added on the corner of Caesar Chavez Avenue and Turner Street in Old Town.

We look at parks all over the city and certainly there are some that need playground equipment and some that need a whole variety of things but the Turner Mini-park has a tremendous amount of traffic. A lot of folks walk through as they walk through Old Town and it had some trip hazards,” said Lansing Mayor, Andy Schor.


Here What's New At The Park

So check it out the park has been repaved with the look of bricks, but the surface is very smooth so that people can walk, bike, and use their wheelchairs with no effort. There are also new picnic tables so you can eat and relax on a nice day.

Hats off to the city’s parks and recreation millage for the upgrades to Turner Mini Park.

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