One of the many big disappointments of the pandemic last year was the effect on high school graduations and proms. And even now, year number two of the pandemic there will be no packed ballrooms. Some districts are not considering proms this year, others like Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids are looking at options for their proms. This year we’re seeing outdoor proms happening in several districts including Bay City, Saline, Novi, Mattawan, Dexter and Swartz Creek.

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MLive reports,

Dexter High School Principal William Moran said state capacity limits will need to be able to accommodate 300 seniors and 300 guests in attendance by that time. While Moran said it won’t be a typical prom, both in location and in its structure, the focus is on creating a fun event that allows the senior class to celebrate with each other. “Based on what we learned last year from kids having nothing for prom, we’re trying to give them an in-person something, with as many of their friends as possible,” Moran said. “We’re working through everything that’s possible based on what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is going to let us do, with masks, (social distancing and) probably not very intimate dancing,” Moran said.

They are considering possibly music, Karaoke or some kinds of games as well. The kids have generated some good ideas considering places to take pictures and other ways for the kids to participate. Many school districts are doing out of the box thinking with their prom plans.
Northville High School is taking a totally different route with the help of city officials. They plan to invite students to dine in downtown Northville, with opportunities for photos, and other activities which also include live music in the area.
It’s great to see our Michigan school districts working hard and being creative to find fun alternatives for our students this year. 2020 was a nightmare, this year doesn’t have to be.

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