People loved them so much last year, Celebration Cinemas in Grand Rapids and Lansing are bringing back their Pop Up Movies as Spring Break arrives and the highly anticipated new movie Godzilla vs. Kong is released.

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“2020 brought us an awareness that doing things differently can be fun,” says Emily Loeks, Director of Community Affairs for Celebration Cinema. “Many of us discovered that there is something exciting and memorable about outdoor experiences, and drive-ins have always been downright magical. GODZILLA VS. KONG is just the movie for those of us sticking around home for spring break.”

Their pop-up drive-ins are built out of large shipping containers, they are elevated and stacked to create very large screens. Movie goers can obtain tickets for these events on site or at the Celebration Cinema website. If you purchase online, your ticket can be scanned from a phone on your way in.

In setting up the Pop Up Drive Ins they plan to use alternate spaces in their parking lot, allowing distance between cars so people can get out of their car if they want to. Movie goers are also allowed to setup a tent outside of their cars, or just sit in the car. Movie audio can be heard on an FM radio.

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And yes you can get the full movie experience as they will be selling movie treats and restrooms are also available inside. Celebration Cinema requires guests to wear a mask when entering the theatre.


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