A 15-year-old Belleville, Michigan boy was arrested earlier this week after he dropped a gun on the floor of his high school bathroom.

Apparently, the student was in a bathroom stall at the high school changing his clothes when a gun fell out from his belongings and onto the floor. Another student that was also in the bathroom witnessed the gun fall out and immediately reported it to school officials.

According to MLive, the suspect was quickly taken to the office where he was arrested by local police officers and the firearm was seized. The boy is now sitting in the Wayne County Youth Home.

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According to reports, the teen had no intentions of hurting anyone. They said that he was interviewed and claimed to not have any problems with other classmates or members of the school staff.

The teen brought the weapon to school due to some sort of a problem at home. We're not exactly clear what that means. I don't want to speculate too much about it because that statement could mean a number of things.

The incident took place on Monday, March 7.

Following the incident, the district held a meeting to discuss the situation. One parent didn't find much comfort in knowing that he had no intentions of hurting anyone.

The mindset that would allow you to take a gun to school. We just can’t have this at school.

Other parents were upset that the school wasn't put on lockdown.

The investigation is ongoing.

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