The Lansing Lugnuts 2020 season is a wrap.

And we were going to celebrate 25 years of Lugnuts baseball in Lansing this year.

Credit: Lansing Lugnuts Facebook
Credit: Lansing Lugnuts Facebook

But as of Tuesday, June 30th at 5pm, Minor League Baseball called the game and the season not just for the Lugnuts but for the entire league.

Citing that MILB will not be providing Minor League teams with players this season, they issued this statement.

"We are disappointed that there will not be a 2020 Lugnuts season, but there were a lot of challenges and we understand why this decision was made. We've had a long partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays and look forward to continuing that affiliation with an exciting 2021 season." Lugnuts Owner Tom Dickson (MILB)

So no Lugnuts this season, no Locos. What next?

We have already opened our field to high school travel baseball games. In the months to come, we plan on hosting the Lemonade League, Movie Nights, LAFCU Fireworks, Live Music and Labatt Blue Thirsty Thursdays, with Battle for the Mitten 3 between Michigan State and University of Michigan on Friday, October 9th, and the 7th Annual Beerfest at the ballpark awaiting us on Saturday, October 24th. These of course, are all pending the current climate of COVID-19 and state regulations.(MILB)

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Nitro Circus is still a go October 3rd at Cooley Law School Stadium as far as we can tell.

And when life gives you lemons, you make a Lemonade League? They mentioned that above but exactly what's that mean?

  • A self-contained wood bat league to be played in July and August entirely at Cooley Law School Stadium.
  • The Lemonade League will officially open its season if/when the state of Michigan moves to Phase 5, with an expected schedule of about 20 games from July through mid-August. (MILB)

So this one is a wait and see. And for all events at Cooley in the meantime, Covid-19 Mitigation will be in place. Face masks, social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing stations.

At present there are no plans for 4th of July fireworks show/display. And if you have questions about ticket refunds, the Lemonade League and more head HERE FOR UPDATES.

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