Does This Mean Kourtney Kardashian Might Be Coming With Travis Barker?

Wait. We're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's talk about the show that was supposed to happen but didn't because of a pandemic or something.

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And before I get this all started and whipped into a frenzy, here are the details that I know from searching online.

When you check TOUR on Blink-182's and The Used websites, there is no date for Lansing in July at all.

However, if you check CGMF on Instagram and head HERE FOR TICKETS you can still purchase them for the show July 9th at Jackson Field.

Now, on to my crack journalism skills and the whipping into a frenzy about this show

See, What Had Happened Was...

The Common Ground Music Festival last year was supposed to have been this.

Credit: Common Ground Music Festival
Credit: Common Ground Music Festival

First things first. No longer at Adado Riverfront Park. They have traded digs and now will be at the home of your Lansing Lugnuts, Cooley Law School Stadium.

And the first we're sure of may acts have been announced.

Friday, July 10th, Blink 182 takes the stage at Common Ground.

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In addition to a worldwide pandemic and venue name change (hello Jackson Field), the band promised they'd be back this year for the makeup gig. And according to this, they're brining friends.

I don't know if this friend is coming but she and Travis are pretty hot and heavy. Could we see this at The Nuthouse this summer after the show?

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for BET, David Livingston
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for BET, David Livingston

Now we haven't head too much buzz about this show as things are getting re-opened and mask mandates are being lifted. However, you can still purchase tickets HERE.

There were three levels of tickets for this show. Stands GA for $39 plus fees, Field GA for $59 plus fees, and Field PIT for $79 plus fees. Sadly Field PIT is all sold out. Good news however is that your July 10th tickets will be honored for this Friday July 9th show.

And think about it. Friday night. The following weekend AFTER the 4th of July. Downtown. Jackson Field. The Used and Blink-182.

We'll keep you posted. It looks good but we really need an official confirmation.

If it's not happening, there should be an official word. We're less than 2 months away from the new date.

Nitro Circus Is Confirmed For Launch At Jackson Field In October

Also of note...THIS.

The You Got This Tour features the Giganta ramp, now with its biggest takeoff yet that launches riders five stories into the air while the FMX riders will be flying 75 feet through the air from take-off to landing. (Lansing Lugnuts)

Nitro Circus is confirmed for Friday, October 1st at Jackson Field. This one is definitely a go.

Tickets range from $29 to $79 and you can peep the field setup/seat map for the show and get your tickets HERE.

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