One of the first weird places I learned about when I moved to Michigan was Hell. Not that there was a town in Michigan that was as bad as Hell, but an actual village named Hell. I would always hear about people visiting and becoming mayor of Hell for a day and doing some weird gimmick attached to the job. Now our Hell will become more famous as Netflix is doing a little documentary about the strangeness and the comedy of our "Hell".

Netflix is filming for their show called "Netflix is a joke". The show is going to go to other weirdly named towns and find out why they are named that and what things you can see around the town. Hell was chosen mostly due to their "Mayor of Hell" gimmick which has gone viral with one comedian last year becoming mayor and making Hell, Michigan Gay.

According to MLive, Netflix plans on being in Hell until Friday and they plan on making it more fun with free food. The free food is because Netflix is also picking up the tab on food and will be giving free food at the Hell Hole Bar from 11am. until 5pm. Then on Friday, it will give away ice cream from Screams Creamatory from 11am. to 7pm. This week it will pay to go to Hell.

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