Somebody tell mother nature it's spring in Michigan! With a warm-up expected later this week, it's time to dust off that Harley and hit the open road. Motorcyclists across Michigan are ready to go for a leisurely ride, but what's the destination?

A Reddit user recently asked for the best motorcycle riding roads in Michigan and fellow riders delivered! Though many riders will say, "It's not the destination, it's the journey", if you're looking to explore Pure Michigan on two wheels this season here are some favorite routes among Michigan motorcyclists:

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M-119/Tunnel of Trees

This scenic road winds from Harbor Springs near Little Traverse Bay and around the lakeshore to Cross Village. Ranked one of the most scenic roads in the nation, the Tunnel of Trees is named after the hardwoods and evergreens that line the highway. You'll find scenic overlooks, small shops, and encounter many other motorcyclists and bikers along the way-- please be courteous! Says u/LadyOfTheOak, "And you have to eat at Legs Inn. No matter how long the wait."

US-12/ Saline to Irish Hills

Over 200 miles of winding roads and hidden gems await you on US-12 Heritage Trail. You'll find plenty of wineries, antique shops, and monuments to stop off at along your ride. Says u/TheBimpo, "US-12 is a classic. From Saline to the Irish Hills is beautiful."

M-25/The Thumb

Part of the Lake Huron Circle Tour, M-25 is a state trunkline highway that runs along Lake Huron's coast starting in Port Huron and ending in Bay City. A favorite among bikers, MDOT has provided many places to stop at along the historic byway, many of which are directly on the beach. Enjoy scenery of rolling pastures, lakeside views, and historic homes previously owned by the lumber barons of the Great Lakes. Thumbwind says, "The picturesque drive also offers some of the most unique and seldom visited places...that you may not find in any Michigan tour book."

Hell and Back

A favorite ride among Michigan bikers is the road from Ann Arbor along the Huron River to Hell, MI. There are many winding twists and turns along the path to Hell that takes you past farmland along freshly paved roads. Again u/TheBimpo adds, "The Hell area is really the best driving in SEMI IMO. Dexter-Pinckney, Unadilla, 36, Williamsville, that whole area is great." Find the route here.

US-41/Copper Harbor

Riders call this trail "The end of the world" due to poor cell service and a limited-hours gas station, but they all say it's well worth the drive! Whether arriving or leaving Copper Harbor, you must take US-41 which is full of twists and turns through tree-lined roads. The main highways are well maintained, but the road to Brockway Mountain is treacherous-- though it is must-see! U.P. Cruising says, "Hardly anyone who writes about their motorcycle ride up to Copper Harbor mentions this highway.  Every time I ride this little piece of highway headed out of Copper Harbor, I feel like turning around and doing it again."

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