I'm always a sucker for fun facts.

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Recently I stumbled on a list of the strangest fact about every state in America.

These Are The Strangest Facts About Michigan's Neighboring States

Before I share with you what the experts say is the strangest fact about the Mitten State check out the strangest fact about our neighboring states.



Toilet Paper

The first smooth, splinter-free toilet paper was invented in Wisconsin.

Most toilet papers in the early 20th century were made of wood chips until Northern Paper started “linenizing” it.



Alan Crawford, ThinkStock

Between 1923 and 1969, Illinois's official language was American and not English.



Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The state’s legislature attempted to pass a law in 1897 to round up the lengthy decimal value of pi to 3.2. It failed to pass, but it was pretty close.



The Cuyahoga River in Cleveland has caught fire a total of 13 times since 1868 due to its high levels of chemical pollution.

Do You Agree With The Experts That This Is Michigan's Strangest Fact?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

So what do the experts say is the strangest fact about Michigan?

It's the name of two of our cities

According to Stars Insider:

The Great Lake State is likely the only place in the world where you can find cities named both Paradise and Hell.


Guns N' Roses sang about Paradise City.

Maybe they were talking about Paradise, Michigan?

If you live in Michigan and someone tells you to "go to hell" YOU CAN.

Credit: Canva / Go To Hell Michigan via Facebook
Credit: Canva / Go To Hell Michigan via Facebook

Hell, Michigan is located in Livingston County.

What do you think? Is that the strangest fact about Michigan?

I would love to hear from you

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